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Re: Continuing Professional Development

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Dennis S. Wish PE wrote:

> On Thursday, October 16, 1997 1:53 AM, Dr. Ravi Sinha
> [SMTP:rsinha(--nospam--at)] wrote:
> > One possible way is to have only
> > SEE (Structural Engineering Eductors) offer these courses, and
> > the SEE may be licensed similarly to SE, in addition to being
> > involved in research and development in this field.
> >
> >
> I can't disagree with this more. Much of what we need to learn
> is on a practical level rather than theoretical. I don't mean to
> insult you as an educator, but I would be more agreeable to the
> idea if the instructor where someone like Don Breyer who
> publishes works used as design guides in the field that ties the
> theory together with the practicality of code usage.

I agree with you on this Dennis, practical information is probably more
relavent to the practicing engineer in type V construction than
theoretical.  No book or school is going to help you solve the kind of
problems you might have standing on the roof or in an attic with the
carpenter trying to figure out how to tie something together in a
remodel job.

Is Don Breyer a practicing engineer?  I had the pleasure of taking
timber design from him in his first year as an instructor.  He was
pretty green then but did help out in integrating engineering principals
to much of the practical knowledge I already had from working as a
structural draftsman for 3 years.  I still have the tracings from one of
our projects we had to engineer and do the drafting for, the Donald E.
Breyer Pizza Parlor, done around 1969.


> The best instructors that I had were practicing engineers at
> state universities where the instruction stayed clear of  deep
> theory and stayed with a practicle approach.
> Remember too that a CEU course should be able to be completed in
> the same amount of time as a short seminar - a couple of hours
> at the most. I would think that most Committees that put
> together seminars for SEA or CASE or NSPE are adequate to
> control the materials distributed for earing credit.
> Dennis Wish PE