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RE: Continuing Professional Development

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On Thursday, October 16, 1997 3:15 PM, dennismc 
[SMTP:dennismc(--nospam--at)] wrote:
> My objection is not with the mechanics at this point, its the
> fact that
> we would have to do it.  I learn every day without being told
> to do so.
> I have so many other activities, I don't need more to deal 
> and any
> thing I need to know can be redily learned when I need that
> info.  Being
> 4 hours from a metropolitan area would mean more than a days
> time for me
> to attend, that's over $1000 of my time plus hard costs.

You have a point that supports mail order CEU's.  I would 
venture to think that the majority of those subscibed to this 
list and participating in our discussions represent less than 
1/10th of 1% of the total professional engineering community.  I 
might also stick my neck out and suggest that over one half of 
the professional are nine to five people. These are those that 
don't take the profession as seriously as we do. Too many 
engineers, like doctors, stagnate in their profession and do not 
stay abreast of what is new. Granted, code changes force 
engineers to come up to speed, but CEU's can help engineers gain 
a better understanding of code changes and what new technologies 
that exist in our field. Imagine getting CEU credit for 
purchasing a seminar on changes in the Uniform Building Code or 
new IBC.

> I've also been pushing for our CAC group to get set up so we
> can
> broadcast meetings, seminars or classes over the internet.
>   It's just a
> matter of time before this will happen.
You know I have been a supporter of this for quite some time. 
Now carry it a bit further and use the internet to gain CEU's. 
If you loaded IE4.0 and choose SNAP! as the home page,  you may 
have seen the headlines day before yesterday where over 2000 
colleges are offering courses and degrees over the Internet. 
ME/U (Mind Extension Unversity) has affiliates which include Cal 
State Domingus Hills (sorry about the spelling). Over 1,000,000 
people are getting an eduction either on or through the 

I believe that every profession owes it to the public who they 
are empowered to protect to maintain a level consistent with our 
changing field. But to be fair to Dennis, I must admit that I 
favor volunteer efforts within the profession to be transferable 
to CEU credit. This may also promote more engineers to become 
active in committees and other noble causes.