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Re: CE/SE/residential construction/Texas PE laws/etc.

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In a message dated 97-10-14 10:34:27 EDT, you write:

<< So it looks like 
 most conventional homes in California are also exempt from PE design?  >>

Plans  submitted to California city and county jurisdictions must show
compliance with the '94 UBC, as adopted by the jurisdiction.  Therefore,
residential construction can be required to meet ALL the requirements for
conventional construction.....which is not always an easy thing to do.  For
example, if the building is irregular, has glu-lam or steel beams, has a
bearing ridge, or lacks regularly spaced interior walls (typical vaulted
two-story tract home), etc. it likely would be required to have engineering.
  Note that the building code allows the BO to determine if full or partial
engineering is required, and  goes so far as to say that the BO may require
unlicenced individuals to prove that state law allows them submit such