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RE: Continuing Professional Development

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On Saturday, October 18, 1997 6:29 AM, Nigel Mends, PE 
[SMTP:nmends(--nospam--at)] wrote:
> Do you then mean that you did not indulge in any efforts to
> keep up you were
> required to do so, or did I miss your point?
> Nigel
I don't think that it really matters. The majority of licensed 
professionals do not participate in seminars or lectures for 
many different reasons. Many are limited by geographic 
constraints that prevent them from attending seminars without 
spend a great deal and losing valuble time from work. The 
creation of a market for those that produce educational 
materials for continuing eduation can expand the market from 
physical seminars to taped, published or Internet distributed 
I'm not advocating the creation of a financial market, but see 
the benifit of bring an otherwise unavailable seminar to those 
that do not have access or financial resources to travel and 
attend in a major city.
How many flyers do we receive from AISC or ACI or any number of 
other organizations that are scheduling seminars in some of the 
major cities around the country to teach important changes to 
the code or specific design methodologies. How about the 
availability of information outside Los Angeles for 
post-earthquake emergency measures that could affect other 
area's in the start - or simply good practice to know.
The new market allows producers of such educational materials to 
distribute real-time seminars in the form of taped and published 
materials that can benifit the majority of enginers.
Personally, I don't have a problem with mandatory measures that 
require a praciticing professional to stay on top of his 
profession. As one other engineer stated, he wanted to choose 
when to obtain additional education rather than be forced to do 
it. I would normally agree, but also feel that we get bogged 
down in the business end of this profession and generally 
procrastinate the growing educations necessity to understand and 
perform our jobs effectively. Therefore I would agree that a 
mandatory measure it needed.

Finally, there is a definite benifit by way of availability of 
educational materials to engineers outside metropolitan areas 
when CEU's become mandatory and the market target grows larger.
Supply and demand!

Dennis Wish PE