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Re: Continuing Professional Development

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In article <344691F2.C7084A59(--nospam--at)>,
dennismc <dennismc(--nospam--at)> wrote:

>My objection is not with the mechanics at this point, its the fact that
>we would have to do it.  I learn every day without being told to do so.
>I have so many other activities, I don't need more to deal with and any
>thing I need to know can be redily learned when I need that info.  Being
>4 hours from a metropolitan area would mean more than a days time for me
>to attend, that's over $1000 of my time plus hard costs.

Well, I don't know what's the requirement being proposed for CA, but the 
NCEES guidelines, which we must follow in AL and which are in place, 
"voluntarily," here in TX, are very liberal as to what constitutes a 
Professional Development Hour.

In effect, ANY occasion of formal enrichment qualifies, so long as someone 
takes the time and trouble to document 1) Who was there, 2) Who instructed,
and 3) What the topic was.  Each contact hour then applies.

In fact, it is permissible to have a "brown bag" lunch-type seminar RIGHT 
IN YOUR OWN OFFICE, if the above criteria are met.  The record-keeping, for
purposes of satisfying the audit criteria, is really the only tough part, 
and that's NOT so tough.