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Re: Continuing Professional Development

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In article <3448F803.141C0925(--nospam--at)>, "Nigel Mends, PE" <nmends(--nospam--at)> wrote:

>I guess I just object to the ubiquitous "Nannies" we have around us
>these days, ready and so sure they know best to make sure that we floss
>between meals and wash behind our ears, and willing to pass all kinds of
>laws and regulations to make sure not only that we do those things, but
>that we can't possibly evade their constant supervision.

Actually, Nigel, I DO agree with you, philosophically.

However, I think you have to be circumspect, here.  We are ALREADY "looked 
after" by the "Nannies" when it comes to Registration/Licensure. 
Fortunately, the "Nannies" are, for the most part, engineers themselves, 
and we have a great deal of say-so as to what constitutes their oversight.

I don't mind the licensure laws, any more than I mind having to be licensed
to drive an automobile.  And, just so long as the "rules" are fair, I can 
stand a bit of additional imposition, such as that which Professional 
Development provides.  For example, the AL and TX rules (mandatory in the 
first instance, non-compulsory in the second) are very liberal, and give 
wide leeway as to what constitutes Professional Development.

Now, I recall that a few years ago, when I was living in Oklahoma, the 
rules being put forth were going to require that only College instructors, 
and the like, would be allowed to teach Professional Development courses. 
I did not agree with this, but find it significant that engineering 
professionals, in the body of such as OSPE and OSEA were making a lot of 
noise to influence the final rules.  Don't know what the outcome was, but 
hope that it fell within the guidelines NCEES has put out.