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Re: Continuing Professional Development

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The unenthusiastic position of the Calif legislature, as cited by the Calif
Board's Executive Officer at a meeting I attended on Oct 1, pertained to
_mandatory_ continuing education. The Board had been seeking from the
legislature authority to adopt its own, unrevealed C.P.D. program in the
future as an administrative regulation. (It appears from several unrelated
contexts that the current Calif Board may not be held in the highest esteem
by the legislature; perhaps delegation of Contin Ed authority to the Board
does not appeal to the legislators.)

Nobody implied however that voluntary professional learning was ineffective
or undesirable.

A well-reasoned argument against enactment of mandatory continuing education
was presented to the Maine Board in Nov 1995 by Knut E. Hermansen, a PE in
many states, a Land Surveyor, an attorney, and a professor in the College of
Engineering at Univ. of Maine. A paper copy of Dr. Hermansen's Hearing Notes
was sent to me by a PE friend who said a PE friend of his got it off the
internet. The author's E-mail address is: knud(--nospam--at)   Home
address: R.D.2, 1955 Poplar St, Old Town ME 04468.

SEAOC has been debating whether to advocate a particular mandatory
continuing education program. The reason given in favor is to pre-empt the
PE Board's version, whatever it might be. At last report, 3 of the 4
sections of SEAOC were in favor, but it takes all 4 for SEAOC to act.

Chuck Greenlaw, SE, Sacramento CA