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Re: Continuing Professional Development

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Bill Polhemus wrote:

> In article <3448F803.141C0925(--nospam--at)>, "Nigel Mends, PE" <nmends(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> >I guess I just object to the ubiquitous "Nannies" we have around us
> >these days, ready and so sure they know best to make sure that we floss
> >between meals and wash behind our ears, and willing to pass all kinds of
> >laws and regulations to make sure not only that we do those things, but
> >that we can't possibly evade their constant supervision.
> Actually, Nigel, I DO agree with you, philosophically.
> However, I think you have to be circumspect, here.  We are ALREADY "looked
> after" by the "Nannies" when it comes to Registration/Licensure.
> Fortunately, the "Nannies" are, for the most part, engineers themselves,
> and we have a great deal of say-so as to what constitutes their oversight.

For some of us the fact that the nannies this time happen to be engineers (and/or
land surveyors) really doesn't help much.  One would like to think of engineers as
professional enough that persuasion could convince them of their professional
responsibility, rather than having to hand the nannies a baseball bat to
"encourage" compliance.  One would like to think that one can outgrow the need for
having a nanny entirely at some point in one's life, although I realize that's not
a popular national perspective these days. :-(

Additionally, for those of us who have already been exceeding the current CE
requirements many times over every year, these nannies' interferences are insulting
and annoying.  If we have to have perennial supervision like this, on what evidence
can we refer to ourselves as "professionals?"  We've apparently never outgrown our

> I don't mind the licensure laws, any more than I mind having to be licensed
> to drive an automobile.  And, just so long as the "rules" are fair, I can
> stand a bit of additional imposition, such as that which Professional

I agree, when it comes to regulations and laws dealing with unethical behavior, or
incompetence.  IMO those aspects of enforcement should be sufficient to deal with
the consequences of a failure to remain current.  (Again, though, I realize I'm a
vast army of one here;-)