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Re: gypsum tile?

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Jeff Smith wrote:

> I am analyzing a 1929 concrete building that describes the partition walls
> to be " 4" gypsum tile".  Is this similar to HCT (hollow clay tile) except
> that it is made from gypsum?  Is it common to have a plaster finish?  I am
> not sure how to determine the weight of the wall since I do not know the
> face shell thickness and unit dimensions. Has anyone had experience in this
> material?
> Jeff Smith

A couple of years ago we did a seismic retrofit on a 5 story concrete building
that was built in 1926 after the 1925 Santa Barbara earthquake destroyed much
of downtown Santa Barbara.
The exterior walls and the interior load bearing walls were all constructed of
reinforced concrete.  But all the interior walls were constructed of the
"stuff" you described.  I had never seen it before, but for lack of a better
word, I also described it as a gypsum hollow tile.  The tiles were 4" thick,
and had a 1" layer of plaster on both sides.  I have never run into this
product again.  It was the first and last time I ran into such a material.  The
tile itself is lighter than a clay tile.  For the 4" thick walls I think we
used a weight of 30 psf (including the plaster on each side).