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CEU - Accessible and affordable information

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Forget the debate about CEU's for the moment.

Why is it that professional organizations in major cities as 
well as material associations do not make siminars or 
information available at a reasonable price to members outside 
major metropolitian area's? Why must we pay an average of 
$150.00 to attend a seminar that offers to explain a code 
related subject. Why too, must we pay to obtain a commentary 
that explains what we pay exhorbitantly for obtain in each Code 
that we purchase? Why must we pay additionally for revisions to 
the code that correct mistakes in the edition we paid $85.00 

These questions are rhetorical. If active members with access to 
the boards of any of the professional organizations are reading 
this, then you may help the cause by supporting taped, published 
and Cyber-seminar (Internet seminars via Real Audio or similar).
The use of new marketing tools will make more information 
available to the professional community at much lower prices 
(more in line with Mini-seminar prices charged by SEAOSC) and 
will create a greater potential for income to help these 
organizations survive.
What we need is to strap the board of directors for each 
organization and their committee chairpersons to a chair and run 
these posts by them on the internet so that we can grab their 
attention away from those issues that they believe are the only 
ones affecting the profession. They need to widen their view to 
preserve their organisation.
Maybe we should vote only for board members that are Internet 
literate enough to bring the arugments away from the "immediate 
family" and onto the cyber-table where they can hear the voice 
of the public.

Enough, I have to go cut my hair, change from bell-bottoms to a 
suit and get off this soap box.