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Re: CEU's or paying for information?

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>Why is at that none of the organizations like 
>AISC, ACI, AITC are not making journal available online?
Maybe they haven't heard enough outraged commentary from the membership. 
The ASME is in the same boat--their web site has less content than a used 
car ad. I've been taking them to task for a while, and I don't expect to 
do anything single handed, but maybe if enough members speak out... I 
think we'd have better luck with this if information were available on a 
members-only basis as a benefit of belonging. God knows my dues have been 
going up (and benefits going down) fast enough. If I could sneak a peek 
at some of the out of print publications or even be able to borrow 
library materials on-line, it might make getting nicked each year a 
little less painful.

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