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Re: Re[2]: Seismic and Wind Zone Maps

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>     What is the Tri-service Manual and how does it relate to NAVFAC ? How 
>     to order the Manual (is there a web site)? Thanks

The Tri-services manual has been around for about 25 years if I remember
correctly, and is in most structural engineering offices. (I hope!)

The actual designation is:      
        Army            TM 5-809-10
        Navy            NAVFAC P-355
        Air Force       AFM 88-3, Chap.13

"Technical Manual"  - "Seismic Design for Buildings"  - hence the name
"Tri-Services manual.

My edition is 1982, which I got in 1991; I don't know if there is a newer

There are also two subsequent or auxiliary manuals which address seismic
retro fitting and I believe, issues concerning push-over analysis.  

There are also numerous other NAVFAC manuals, such as the following:

DM 7.1 and 7.2  -   Soils and foundations
DM 5            -   Civil Engineering
DM 2            -   Structural Engineering
DM 3            -   Mechanical Engineering
DM 38           -   Weight Handling Equipment and Service Craft - i.e.
cranes, dredges, pile driving etc.

In the front of some of these manuals there are listings of other basic
manuals and specific manuals.

Another manual that some people may be interested in, especially engineers
that live along the California coast and are expecting El Nino problems,
are the Shore Protection Manuals (two volumes) by the Army Corps of Engineers.

All of these manuals can be purchased through government book stores at
reasonable prices.

Neil Moore