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> Also, what California Universities or Colleges are good at the different
> branches of engineering? 
> Ernie Natividad

I feel that Cal has the best overall structural/seismic department, in
terms of depth of resources and personnel.  If, however, I am considering
reinforced concrete structures, especially for seismic design, I would have
to say the UCSD is tops primarily because of Dr. Priestley.

A caveat is in order, though.  For undergraduate work, I feel that the
differences between the schools (yes, even Stanfurd) are much less than at
the post graduate level.  I know a fellow who majored in Civil at Santa
Clara University, a rather small school,  and I feel he obtained an
excellent education.  If a student is quite motivated, however, he/she
could take advantage of the graduate level courses in the later years of
their undergrad work, and that might be a factor for choosing a larger
school with more resources.

T. Eric Gillham PE