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RE: CEU's or paying for information?

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Bill Allen finally (after all these months) made comments to 
online information that I agree without argument about.
The latest format that most scanning softwares seem to be moving 
toward is PDF format which is created by Adobe software. In an 
effort to standardize a platform, leading scanner software 
manufactures are planing to change their conversions from 
proprietary systems to PDF files.
This is an excellent format that is very easy to convert to. The 
document maintains its graphic content in a WYSIWYG 
(what-you-see-is-what-you-get) format and the documents can be 
SEAOC Online is working (actually I have procrastinated this 
part) on converting our documents to PDF files. All it takes is 
loading the file into either the full Acrobat program or support 
programs like PageMaker which will convert them.
To make matters more appealing, most browsers including Internet 
Explorer and Netscape support PDF files with built in viewers.

I believe we should be pushing ICBO and the other non-profit 
organizations to follow this format and make their technical 
reports available to the professional community over the Net.

Dennis Wish PE