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Subject: Re: Re[2]: Seismic and Wind Zone Maps

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Most of these manuals can be obtained on CD-ROM from National Institute
of Building Sciences (202/289-7800 as a subscription
service (Construction Criteria Base or CCB), updated quarterly, approx.
$900 per year or free if you have DOD design contract.

Warren Stewart

>>     What is the Tri-service Manual and how does it relate to NAVFAC ? How 
>>     to order the Manual (is there a web site)? Thanks
>The Tri-services manual has been around for about 25 years if I remember
>correctly, and is in most structural engineering offices. (I hope!)
>The actual designation is:      
>        Army            TM 5-809-10
>        Navy            NAVFAC P-355
>        Air Force       AFM 88-3, Chap.13
>"Technical Manual"  - "Seismic Design for Buildings"  - hence the name
>"Tri-Services manual.
>My edition is 1982, which I got in 1991; I don't know if there is a newer
>There are also two subsequent or auxiliary manuals which address seismic
>retro fitting and I believe, issues concerning push-over analysis.  
>There are also numerous other NAVFAC manuals, such as the following:
>DM 7.1 and 7.2  -   Soils and foundations
>DM 5            -   Civil Engineering
>DM 2            -   Structural Engineering
>DM 3            -   Mechanical Engineering
>DM 38           -   Weight Handling Equipment and Service Craft - i.e.
>cranes, dredges, pile driving etc.
>In the front of some of these manuals there are listings of other basic
>manuals and specific manuals.
>Another manual that some people may be interested in, especially engineers
>that live along the California coast and are expecting El Nino problems,
>are the Shore Protection Manuals (two volumes) by the Army Corps of
>All of these manuals can be purchased through government book stores at
>reasonable prices.
>Neil Moore