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Re: WOOD - Load bearing studs in a party wall

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Bill said:
>Well, that's WAY too conservative. 

Oops...your right,  you should have an l/d less than 50. There is no
question that gyp on one side provides a level of bracing in the weak
direction. However, I could not find any reference info on this as I am
sure you already found out. ( I checked Breyer and Hoyle and they both only
address walls with sheathing on both sides.)  With the old rule of thumb of
lateral restraint equal to 2% of the axial and say 1000# per stud you would
need only 20# restraint. Between the romex and some tightly stuffed
insulation you should almost make it. I have never heard of a buckled
bearing wall stud, yet I have seen compression of the plates due to
overload.  Now look what you started Bill  ;^)

The idea of adding blocking or bridging or wiring for that matter is going
to compromise the sound control by connecting the isolated party wall
studs, thats why the studs are staggered. Of course the top and bottom
plates already are doing that and the floor will transmit ITC (?) sound
across the wall.  Frankly, I do not have a lot of faith in a staggered stud
wall to reduce sound transmission, other that the fact that it is a thicker