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Re: WOOD - Load bearing studs in a party wall

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I am more comfortable with specifying the blocking (than considering the
section completely laterally braced with sheathing on one side only) and I
do not think
it is too conservative. I will specify blocking such that the l/d in the
weak axis
matches the l/d in the strong axis, or whatever I need to develop the axial
plus 5 psf. Thanks for your response.

Is this listserv great, or what?

Bill Allen
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Date: Wednesday, October 22, 1997 7:50 PM
Subject: Re: WOOD - Load bearing studs in a party wall
>I always check studs as columns with bending.  If there is no sheathing
>on one side, the distance between the top & bottom plates or to
>intermediate blocking for bracing is the unbraced length for the weak
>axis of the stud.  The worst case is usually that additional blocking is
>provided to make the studs work.  This seems like a conservative
>approach, others may argue the sheathing on the other side keeps the
>full section braced.
>Dennis McCroskey