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Re: WOOD - Load bearing studs in a party wall

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Bill Allen wrote:

> Don't think that studs don't buckle in plane. I once worked on a commercial
> remodel project where the interior bearing wall was to be removed and

 I had a similar experience recently with new construction.  The contractor
called me early one morning with a "My wall is falling down" problem.  I rushed
out to the site and, sure enough, the wall studs were buckling without any roof
dead load on them (only trusses, no sheathing or roofing).  There was no
sheathing on either side of the wall (2x6 at 24" o.c. with only about 10' of
trib width on them).  No blocking had been installed.  When I asked why the
walls had not been blocked at mid-height, the contractor informed me that such
blocking was not called for on the drawings.  I assumed that any carpenter who
knew what he was doing would install such blocking as a matter of course, but
you know what happens when you assume.  Anyway, the blocking and sheathing was
installed and the wall is now fine.

Sherman D. (Dan) Vines, EIT
Starzer & Ritchie, Inc.