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Re: BOLT- Epoxy Anchors -Reply

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I do not know if any real study has been made of this issue. But I would
assume that since steel conducts heat very well that the temperature will
be high for a large portion of the embedment depth.   If you are concerned
about this issue why not just use expansion bolts.  Or as a way to cover
all bases use both expansion bolts and epoxy anchors.  After all it was the
contractors mistake in the first place so why should you be the one to lose
sleep over this problem.

>Question on the temperature issue. Does the temperature effect come
>into play for the entire depth of embedment of the anchor? When the air
>temperature is 150 degrees in Dallas (due to the hot air from the
>Cowboys, heh heh) is this the same temperature several inches into the
>concrete surface? does the temperature effect only apply during fires or
>is it a real factor in ambient temperatures?