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RE: WOOD - Load bearing studs in a party wall

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Sent:	Wednesday, October 22, 1997 8:43 PM
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Subject:	Re: WOOD - Load bearing studs in a party wall

I quickly had the contractor use
his lifts to pick up the steel beams and take the load off of 
the "shoring".
I had the framer install diagonal bracing, nailed to each stud, 
on every

Believe me, the l/d issue is a real thing.

Bill Allen

There is one of your answers. The use of blocking - even on edge 
- should brace the studs in the weak direction effectively. I 
can't see the studs buckling on either side of the block. 
Assuming the block is 2x4 material, the placement of the block 
relative to the outside face of stud will be 1/2" from face of 
stud to face of block, then 1-1/2" thick block (2x) then 1-1/2" 
clear to back face of stud. This is as effective as what you 
accomplished (probably more so) with diagonal 1x bracing or 
using straps.
Even though it is not full-depth blocking, it would be very 
difficult at residential type loading to damage the stud to be 
buckling with a 1-1/2" wide block is in-place. It would be more 
difficult to buckle the block in it's weak axis.