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Re: WOOD - Load bearing studs in a party wall

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>Don't think that studs don't buckle in plane. 
>Believe me, the l/d issue is a real thing.
>> I have never heard of a buckled
>>bearing wall stud, yet I have seen compression of the plates due to

Hello Bill:

I was referring to a wall with sheathing on at least one side, I have never
seen a permanent stud bearing wall with no sheathing or  blocking or
diagonal bracing..maybe Frank Gehry has spec'd a few.

I think, Charles Greenlaw posted the most credible information, however,
the code still has some gray areas when it states "the sheathing shall be
shown by experience"...and "fastened in accordance with 23-I-Q" The table
makes no specific mention of gyp sheathing.  I had never heard of the .78
reduction mentioned by Tim McCormick. An interesting subject you brought
up. Are you going without the blocking?

Jeff Smith