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Re: WOOD - Load bearing studs in a party wall

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>I think, Charles Greenlaw posted the most credible information, however,
>the code still has some gray areas when it states "the sheathing shall be
>shown by experience"...and "fastened in accordance with 23-I-Q" The table
>makes no specific mention of gyp sheathing.  I had never heard of the .78
>reduction mentioned by Tim McCormick. An interesting subject you brought
>up. Are you going without the blocking?
>Jeff Smith

Good point about 23-I-Q, which is the empirical nailing table for wood to
wood. Yet it allows (at line 29) use of 1/4 inch interior paneling nailed at
12 in. spacing with 4d casing or finish nails. It would appear that the
situation isn't very demanding, or alternatively that not much attention was
paid to this when it went into so often is the case.

Staying one edge of the stud does seem legitimate. A 2x4 has its far edge
pretty close to its near edge,compared to 2x6's. Cross-grain crunch at the
end bearings should impose a modest stud stress anyway. Half-inch gyp
sheathing nailed with that trade's nails would appear comparable to the 1/4
in paneling scheme. So it would take use of engineering judgment and
invoking the code's provisions for alternative materials and methods after all.

Chuck Greenlaw SE, Sacramento CA