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RE: CEU - Accessible and affordable information

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From:	Richard Phillips [SMTP:RichardJPhillips(--nospam--at)]
Sent:	Thursday, October 23, 1997 7:11 PM
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Subject:	CEU - Accessible and affordable information

As an past president of SEAOSC, I can assure you that SEAOSC  as 
a non -
profit has three sources of income:  dues, publications and 
seminars.  if
it choose not to charge forseminars and pulications, the dues 
would end up
close to $500 per year.  The problem with national orginization 
is the same
ecept for scale.
Dick Phillips

Dick, I think you misunderstood. I believe that seminars are 
fine for SEAOSC, but I also believe that they are ignoring a 
market that can bring in much more income - low cost video tape 
seminar sale and publications. I have been asking the board to 
look at this since I left Los Angeles in 1993. I spoke first to 
Jim Johnson. So far, no direction has been taken.
With the possibility of CEU's, the demand for taped seminars and 
accompanying publications should grow tremendously.
I'm not advocating the extinction of seminars, just more 
affordable educational materials and accessibility by engineers 
without either the means (affordability) to attend, or 
restricted by geographical constraints. Not everyone lives 
within accessible locations nor are all engineers able to afford 
a $150.00 seminar.
Just my opinion.
Best Regards,