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RE: open house

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I don't still have the original message that started this thread, but as best as I can recall, it started out with someone wanting to know about an open house in a large engineering firm.  The person was requesting that his daughter's senior class be allowed to meet with engineers in a large firm.  That way the students could find out about all of the disciplines of engineering and after they had made their decisions what school was best in each discipline.  It seems that a large firm that also is involved in construction would be ideal.  Fluor Daniel, Black & Veatch (sp?), Brown & Root,and  Raytheon come to mind.  As far as pure consulting goes Skidmore Owens and Merrill would be a good choice as they have architects and engineers.  I'm not familiar with what is available in your area, these are just some thoughts.

Hope this helps,

John Jones, EIT
Pell City, AL

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Ernie N.:

By now your daughter probably has an armfull of comments from the list and 
elsewhere, confirming that whenever two engineers get together, they have 6 
different opinions on the same subject.

The decision of what college to go to is, of course, your daughter's, as is 
the decision of what branch of engineering to study, or, whether to study 
engineering at all.

I have no recommendation to make to her.  There are a lot of good schools and 
there are a lot of very bad schools.  There are some very good schools that 
are not well known, and there are some very bad schools that have well 
known names, and I think that your daughter should be aware this.  In 
addition, I think that your daughter should consider the following in making 
her selection: