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I guess you answered your question.  The response from the list server has been, so far, as apathetic as the rest of the  SEAOC membership.  I do think though that there is a need to develop some CAD guidelines to help engineering community to standardize the way our drawings look and to reduce the retraining period for new employees.

I see the need to address this especially for the smaller firms, because they do not have enough resources to develop their own complete CAD standards.

Larger companies though will continue to use what they have developed so far, because of the human's nature to resist the change, and because of the differences in their areas of expertise and personal preferences of their CAD managers.

Sasha Itsekson, P.E.
Eichleay Engineers
From: 	James A. Lord[:jlord(--nospam--at)]
Sent: 	Wednesday, October 22, 1997 5:59 AM
To: 	seaoc

Recently, the SEAOC CAC started a subcommittee to develop a structural engineering CAD standard / guidelines.  The response, so far, has been apathetic.  I would like to solicit a few opinions on this listserver:

#1:    Do we need a SEAOC CAD standard?
#2:    Does it need to be made through a consensus process?
#3:    Does it need to be consistent with the new (version 2) AIA standards?
#4:    If you really care about questions #1-#3, do you want to participate on the subcommittee?

If the answers are yes to question #1 above, & if we can get greater participation (#2), then we will continue to push ahead.  If the answer to #4 above is yes, then send me e-mail directly.

James A. Lord, S.E.
SEAOC CAC Chairman
URS Greiner