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Open House/Caustic Remarks

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In response to a message from Carl Sramek, Bill Allen wrote:

<< While I assure you I've seldom felt "stupid" about anything, I certainly
believe that, if I had the opportunity to make the sacrifices in order to
learn another profession, I would.  I have difficulty understanding any
positive effects your caustic remarks may create. You would make better use
of this cyberspace to offer a different (i.e., your own) perspective rather
than attack my opinion.>>


Sorry.  "Stupid" was a very poor choice of words.  I should have said that
some people feel disheartened and disappointed with their choice of
profession.  But is the dissatisfaction with the environment (such as a
difficult boss, poor working conditions, etc.) rather than with the
profession itself?  

Bill also wrote: 

<<There are a number of endeavors that would offer the intellectual challenge
I require and provide more financial reward without the business and
professional liability risks structural engineering presents.>>

Such as...

Carl S.