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Re: steel decking

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Although the metal deck usually only works as a concrete form and generally
does not provide structural capacities once the concrete has achieved it's
strength, there are several other concerns. First, you should verify the
above assumption with the metal deck manufacturer of either the metal deck
you specified or the deck the contractor used. If the deck manufacturer has
confirmed the above assumption, the other worries are concerned with loads
on the supporting members such as:

1.    Since the deck is now being supported by members orthogonal to the
original design, are they capable of supporting the design loads? Do the
load paths still work?

2.    Since the deck has deformed, there probably is more concrete than in
the original design. This additional superimposed dead load is (probably)
not acceptable with regards to the strength of the supporting members.

I would have a tendency to instruct the contractor to rip out the deck and
concrete and do it right, report to the owner that the contractor doesn't
know what he is doing and report the contractor to the state board for

Other than that, it appears O.K. to me :o).

Bill Allen
(the cynic)
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From: Dave Anderson <dnae(--nospam--at)>
To: seaoc <seaoc(--nospam--at)>
Date: Sunday, October 26, 1997 12:10 PM
Subject: steel decking

>I need some opinion regard field matter
>I specified 20 GA steel decking to span 8 ft  with 4 1/2 " light weight
>concrete the contractor change the direction of steel decking without
>consulting me and  span it 12 feet without shoring one area deflect and
>buckled out
>about 8x12 feet  so he called me to fixed
>what you think
>1- adding a beam under the deflected area
>     which is deformed,but it is very strong
>2- remove the deformed (roof) decking and replaced
>     with new one and pour new concrete
>thanks in advance
>Dave A. P.E.