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Re: steel decking

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>I need some opinions regarding a field matter.

>I specified 20 GA steel decking to span 8 ft  with 4 1/2 " light weight
>concrete. Th contractor changed the direction of steel decking without
>consulting me and spanned it 12 feet without shoring one area.  It
deflected and
>buckled out (?)about 8x12 feet, so he called me to fixed it.  What do you
>1- Adding a beam under the deflected area which is deformed, but it is
very strong ? (?)
>2- Remove the deformed (roof) decking and replace it with new one and pour
new concrete?
>Thanks in advance
>Dave A. P.E.


Make him redo the section, i.e., remove it and replace it correctly.  And
make him pay for your time.  We might also discuss any inspections some
people should have been doing, but you may not have any control over that.
 You might also discuss the situation with the local building official, but
that might not do you any good either.  

Either way, hang in there; try to be diplomatic but firm.  Bottom line, you
are the engineer of record and will be around for a long time.  A
contractor like this might only be around another year.

Neil Moore, S.E.

who in a former life was a resident engineer and rejected lot's of stuff.