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I wanted to jump in here with a little more background as to the motivation
/ advantage of having a CAD standard.

#1 - I was looking to extend the recently released AIA CAD version 2.0
guidelines because in structural engineering they are rather vague.
#2 - Recently my firm developed a new set of in-house CAD guidelines and it
was a LOT of work.  I thought that providing one that is ready for use &
works within the AIA framework would be a true service to SEAOC members.
#3 - If there were a standard & your office adhered to it, you could hire
CAD drafters who were familiar with it, so bringing them up to speed would
be much faster.

Many of us are going to have to adapt to the AIA version 2.0 guidelines if
you work with architects, anyway.  Why not use this opportunity to

Any more opinions on this?

James Lord, S.E.
CAC Chairman
URS Greiner