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James et al:

I am wholeheartedly behind the effort to adopt some sort of industry wide standard. I think we all need to give a little and meet at some common ground for the good of *all* of us...and by all of us I mean anyone who has to share a file with another person.

If you NEVER need to share a file, or receive one from another person then do whatever you'd like to when it comes to CAD standards.

I think what happens with CAD managers (myself being one of them) is that when they invest a lot of their time and energy (and I might add egos) into an in-house developed system they are very reluctant to give it up. If they had it their way they would suggest that the world adopts their standard...(ee for example how often people will post their layer names, etc., to a mail list or site). However, the only way any sort of industry standard will ever be adopted is if we can all (or at least most of us) put aside our own invented system and agree for the betterment of all to use a STANDARD- not something that is invented of our own volition.

I won't bother describing the system I'm currently using- I'm not interested in using it any longer if I can use a system that will help me work with others. As a consultant that's what I spend a great deal of time doing...working with others. 

Just my $.02,

Robert Grandmaison
MKM & Associates