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Dennis S. Wish PE wrote:

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> Sent:   Monday, October 27, 1997 10:52 AM
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> Subject:        Re: SEAOC CAD STANDARDS
> This is just another in a long list of threads where we banter
> about
> recommendations for "changing the world" and nothing will ever
> happen. We
> can discuss the merits of a common cad system until we are all
> blue in the
> face, but it will be impossible to get our clients to conform.
> With my current setup, I have to work like a chameleon sometimes
> having to
> conform to my client's standards. Other times, I use my own. If
> someone is
> willing to hire me and they want me to conform to a particular
> cad standard
> (and are willing to pay for it), I'll do it.
> [Dennis S. Wish PE]  I agree, if the client wants me to use a
> standard, he will supply me with a drawing that has all of his
> layers attached and I will simply fill the appropriate layers.
> Otherwise, I'll use my own.

So much for an apathetic subject folks.

Arguments against working on a CAD standard are futile. Telling people
who want to do something because you think it is a waste of effort is
bad tone.

I feel that just because it is perceived to be unnessary or won't get
support is not just cause to let it die. I answered affirmatively
through private email that I'd be willing to work on this project. Seems
to me there should be an appropriate forum for those who are willing to
work out the details as opposed to bantering on this list. Everyone does
realize that things can (and probably should) be done outside of this
forum. I value the input but right at the moment this seems to be a "too
many cooks" syndrome.

Barry H. Welliver
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