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Fine. Spend your time developing some form of CAD standards. Can you do it
somewhere else?

Bill Allen
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From: Robert Grandmaison <robert(--nospam--at)>
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Date: Monday, October 27, 1997 5:21 PM

So much for an apathetic subject folks.

Arguments against working on a CAD standard are futile. Telling people
who want to do something because you think it is a waste of effort is
bad tone.

I feel that just because it is perceived to be unnessary or won't get
support is not just cause to let it die. I answered affirmatively
through private email that I'd be willing to work on this project. Seems
to me there should be an appropriate forum for those who are willing to
work out the details as opposed to bantering on this list. Everyone does
realize that things can (and probably should) be done outside of this
forum. I value the input but right at the moment this seems to be a "too
many cooks" syndrome.

Barry H. Welliver

Barry: I agree. That's why I originally emailled Mr. Lord directly when I
received the first email post. If I chose to adopt a standard then let me.
If you do not, then don't. I think you will find that there are many people
out there who will eagerly accept some sort of standard IF it is made
available to them. This is, as I see it, the biggest benefit to having an
organization like SEAOC or the AIA in place. They can make information
readily available. All the "in-house" developed ideas mean absolutely
nothing to anyone outside of that "house" if they readily available industry
wide- and are therefor worthless from an industry STANDARDS viewpoint- no
matter how well thought out and how well integrated into the design
profession they may arise from.

I for one am NOT apathetic to the idea. Many are not. But few people will be
willing to step up to the plate and say "okay...let's work together to make
a standard that is already in place work for us"...more often people will
just be negative "neigh" sayers and boast about how well their in-house
systems work for them...

I say let's give it a try and you can count me in on helping out in whatever
way I can. I too have used AutoCAD for many years- and teach it at a local
Junior College. I also am active in the Electronic AUGI group on Efnet
(irc). I also own an AutoCAD "Gunslinger" jacket (for whatever that's worth
<g>)- so I know my way around the program. It is a great app- but without
the kind of structure that the AEC industry can provide in the way of CAD
standards, then, as I see it, it's just like an inanimate frankenstein
waiting for the breath of life.