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James A. Lord wrote:

>  Recently, the SEAOC CAC started a subcommittee to develop a
> structural engineering CAD standard / guidelines.  The response, so
> far, has been apathetic.  I would like to solicit a few opinions on
> this listserver: #1:    Do we need a SEAOC CAD standard?
> No
>  #2:    Does it need to be made through a consensus process?
> No, we don't need a consensus
>  #3:    Does it need to be consistent with the new (version 2) AIA
> standards?
> No, I won't use it.
>  #4:    If you really care about questions #1-#3, do you want to
> participate on the subcommittee?No.
> We started using AutoCAD back in 1986, more than 10 years ago.  We
> have developed our own layering system which is woven tightly into our
> highly customized menus.  Using this system, I believe we can create
> structural drawings much faster and much more accurately than most if
> not all of our competitors.  We have so much invested in this system
> we developed, we could not consider changing without considerable
> expense, and I believe ultimately lowering our efficiency and
> accuracy.
> No way would I ever consider changing our system, unless it could be
> clearly demonstrated that the system we would be changing to was
> significantly better than the one we use now.  And I would imagine
> that all other engineering firms that already have a highly customized
> AutoCAD menu and layering system would agree.
> Lynn