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From:	Bill Allen [SMTP:BAllenSE(--nospam--at)]
Sent:	Monday, October 27, 1997 7:29 PM
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It's starting to sound like I misunderstood the goals of this 
effort. I was
under the impression that the results of this work would attempt 
to lead
towards an industry wide CAD standard, which I think is a waste 
of time.
However, it appears that the goal actually is to develop some 
guidelines to
assist an office to set up their own CAD standards if they 
haven't already.
If this is the case, I apologize for my offensive comments to 
all. [Dennis S. Wish PE]  .Plop, the boot just got removed from 
where the sun don't shine. Bill, you must be getting awfully 
sore back there. BTW, one more plug. Your last comment about 
taking it elsewere was not called for. Even if James and the 
others wanted to discuss a standard that followed your original 
misinterpretation, they are more than welcome to use this list. 
You can most certainly set your email program to dump those 
topics which you don't care to follow.
We have carried any number of discussions into the ground with 
very few complaints by those that were not interested in the 
topic. This list is unmoderated and as long as the topics are 
not offensive, immoral or spam they have the right to discuss 
their opinions openly on this list. The last thing we want to do 
is censure people because we don't agree with the topic. If this 
were the case, I'd be off this list two years ago - by popular