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From: Roger Turk <73527.1356(--nospam--at)>
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Date: Tuesday, October 28, 1997 1:55 PM

>Bill Allen said:
>. > But, let me guess, you stopped at R12 (dos), right?
>. > You should see a R14 demo - requires Win95 or NT :o(
>. > or at least see the platform/version performance tests in
>. > last month's Cadalyst magazine. R14 on a Pentium Pro or II
>. > is pretty "wowie-zowie" compared to a DOS version running
>. > on a mere Pentium.
>I'm not ready yet to regress to pointing and saying "Doggie!" :-)
>I have R13, but never loaded it, and considering how "buggy" it is reported
>to be, I'm glad.

Yeah, R13 cost me a lot of money, but I went ahead and loaded the beta
(first release) of R14 anyway. R14 is much, much better than 13 and will
make converts of those running R12 for Dos when everything else on their
machine is running in Win95 or NT.

>I have no objection to improved operating systems.  If Microsoft would give
>the user the option of a command (a la DOS) interface or a GUI interface,
>they and software vendors would publish the commands that are sent to the
>program when one clicks on a menu or icon, I would be the first to upgrade.
>(See the latest PC Magazine article by Michael Miller [I think] about the
>of icons on notebook cases.)
>Supposedly, AutoCad R14 will let you use the command line, which is good.
>I had to waste time clicking and double-clicking on icons and menu and
>sub-menu items, I'd fire myself!  I used the on-screen menu on ver. 2.5 for
>about 15 minutes before I became impatient and went strictly to the command
>line.  As soon as I discovered that I could turn off the on-screen menu
>(probably when I loaded 2.6), I did, and haven't had it on since.

There still is a command line in R14 and much fewer fly-out icons. I had
with icons at first. But, when you know what icon you want, it's much faster
I type very fast).

>I have a R14 demo CD-ROM, but it requires Windows and a 16-bit sound card
>run.  I tried it on a platform that has WFWG and it ran for a little while,
>then crashed.  (It had pictures of people with lips moving, and I am not a
>lip-reader.  Never could get that last picture off the screen without
>rebooting.  In DOS, I would just type "cls.")
>I think that AutoDesk thinks that I am a Mechanical Engineer, because they
>keep sending me information on their "Mechanical Desktop" and I keep
>them that I am a Structural Engineer.  Something is getting lost in the

Mechanical Desktop is pretty cool, too. It has parametrics and 3D object
features (a lot more than that, but those are the features that caught my

>John Walker, where are you?
>A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
>Tucson, Arizona

It's hard to believe there is an "older dog" than me out there :o)

Bill Allen