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> But, let me guess, you stopped at R12 (dos), right?
> You should see a R14 demo - requires Win95 or NT :o(
> or at least see the platform/version performance tests in
> last month's Cadalyst magazine. R14 on a Pentium Pro or II
> is pretty "wowie-zowie" compared to a DOS version running
> on a mere Pentium.
> Regards,
> Bill Allen

I have R14 installed and I am fascinated. I run it on Pentium 166, 64 MB RAM
and NT 4.0. All below that configuration will send you to the long lunch
break before R14 loads all utilities. Command line is very useful, and I
agree that is much easier to type the command (full or shortcuts) than to
find button. And one more extremly useful improvemant: easy use of the true
Type fonts.

Damir Varevac