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Re: Steel Frames & Strict Product Liability

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>The problem with the material is that it is "incredibly brittle" in
>Soneff's words and that dynamic or shock loading can cause fractures of the
>weld material.
I'd really be interested in test data before I took a lawyer's word at 
face value. (I have a number of good friends who are lawyers, but 
technical literacy isn't exactly a strong point in the attorney business) 
Same sort of technical problem arose when A-517 first came out. People 
didn't pay attention to US Steel's weld procedure recommendations and 
they got into trouble with brittle weld deposits. After a while someone 
doped out that the process variables really did make a difference. I find 
it hard to believe that Lincoln Welding made welding electrodes which 
unconditionally provided brittle welds; they've been in the business far 
too long.

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