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RE: Steel Building Bracing

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Tom, where are you seeing a TENSION-ONLY provision in the UBC?  For
Zones 3/4, the 1994 and 1997 UBC have stringent limits on slenderness
ratios of braces and require compression braces to carry 70% of story
shear.  This has eliminated use of rod x-bracing and virtually forced
use of tubes.  If you have found a way around these provisions, I'm all
ears (figuratively).

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> Chris Towne wrote:
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> > What factor of safety is prudent on design of steel cable for
> tension
> > x-framing?
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> > Chris Towne, E.I.T.
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> Don't forget the 3 Rw/8 X the UBC seismic force in your design, I
> don't
> have the UBC Code section handy but it should be under TENSION-ONLY
> braced frame section. I had reviewed some engineer's design that did
> not
> check for 3 Rw/8 x UBC forces and he ended up revising his details
> that
> had gone for bid and cost the owner an arm and leg for the revision. 
> The reason being that they were using some old computer program that
> never got updated for that section of the Code --- another unproper
> use
> of computer program.