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Re: RE:Dynamics Question

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Tarek Mokhtar wrote: 
> I see some books dividing the seismic forces (produced by dynamic  
> analysis) by Rw. UBC section 1629.2.4.3 allows this division only for  
> soils type S4.  Should one scale dynamic forces according to 1629.5.3  
> without involving the Rw factor for buildings on soils S1,S2,&S3 ? 
UBC(94)-1629.5.3 "requires" scaling up of results per item 1 in that section  
and "allows" scaling down of results per item 2 in that section.  The results 
of the dynamic analysis are compared with the results of section 1628 - Rw is 
incorporated as allowed in section 1628.  Section 1629.2.4 does not 
specifically disallow using Rw for other soil types - it just gives the 
specific procedure to be used for soil type S4.