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Bill Allen said:

. > But, let me guess, you stopped at R12 (dos), right?
. > You should see a R14 demo - requires Win95 or NT :o(
. > or at least see the platform/version performance tests in
. > last month's Cadalyst magazine. R14 on a Pentium Pro or II
. > is pretty "wowie-zowie" compared to a DOS version running
. > on a mere Pentium.

I'm not ready yet to regress to pointing and saying "Doggie!" :-)

I have R13, but never loaded it, and considering how "buggy" it is reported 
to be, I'm glad.

I have no objection to improved operating systems.  If Microsoft would give 
the user the option of a command (a la DOS) interface or a GUI interface, and 
they and software vendors would publish the commands that are sent to the 
program when one clicks on a menu or icon, I would be the first to upgrade.  
(See the latest PC Magazine article by Michael Miller [I think] about the use 
of icons on notebook cases.)

Supposedly, AutoCad R14 will let you use the command line, which is good.  If 
I had to waste time clicking and double-clicking on icons and menu and 
sub-menu items, I'd fire myself!  I used the on-screen menu on ver. 2.5 for 
about 15 minutes before I became impatient and went strictly to the command 
line.  As soon as I discovered that I could turn off the on-screen menu 
(probably when I loaded 2.6), I did, and haven't had it on since.

I have a R14 demo CD-ROM, but it requires Windows and a 16-bit sound card to 
run.  I tried it on a platform that has WFWG and it ran for a little while, 
then crashed.  (It had pictures of people with lips moving, and I am not a 
lip-reader.  Never could get that last picture off the screen without 
rebooting.  In DOS, I would just type "cls.")

I think that AutoDesk thinks that I am a Mechanical Engineer, because they 
keep sending me information on their "Mechanical Desktop" and I keep telling 
them that I am a Structural Engineer.  Something is getting lost in the 

John Walker, where are you?

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona