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Re: Steel Building Bracing

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From: Jeff Smith <smthengr(--nospam--at)>
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Date: Thursday, October 30, 1997 8:32 AM
Subject: Re: Steel Building Bracing

>>An interesting question here, but is anyone using bolted moment
>>in their design to resist dynamic forces such as earthquake loads? The
>>design example in the AISC manual (ASD), p. 4-116, 9th ed. specifies that
>>this example is for "static loading only". This connection also appears to
>>be inconsistent with the new cover plate designs proposed by FEMA.
>The frames I was referring to used columns made from turned in coldformed
>channels welded to form a box and the beams are placed each side of the
>channel box bolted presumably in double shear. Therefore rigidity is
>achieved through shear connections of the bolts with no full pen welds. I
>have pondered this type of detail for light renovation work to avoid the
>full pen welds.  I never saw the actual drawings, it was verbally decribed
>to me.
>But to answer your question, I have heard of a CA engineer who is
>developing a (proprietary?) type of moment connection that uses a
>completely cast joint with bolted connections. Anyone know more about this?

Kaiser/Lehigh has a system similar to what you have described above.

>Also, you may recall that I posted a note back in April regarding the
>publication of Seismic Design of Column-Tree Moment-Resisting Frames,
>(bolted frames) for which I was reprimaned by the publisher for mentioning
>it over the I won't do that again ;^0

I don't recall this issue. I would be curious to see your question and the
you got from the publisher. If you're nervous, you can send it to me

>Jeff Smith

Bill Allen