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Santa Monica Open Front Retro Question

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I am trying to retrofit an "L" shaped structure in Santa Monica. 
The short leg of the "L" is a second story office block with a 
drive through below it. It measures approximately 23' deep by 40 
feet in width (the width is parallel to the main street.
The other leg is approximately 25 feet wide (also parallel to 
the street) and over one hundred and thirty feet deep.

I was able to acertain that there is an adequate location on the 
end of the long let for a plywood shear wall that I can drag the 
open front second story structure into. This would resolve the 
face of the building closest to the street.
My question has to do with the rear or interior courtyard face 
of the short let which is connected to the inside face of the 
long leg. Is is necessary to provide lateral support at this 
side since it connects to the long leg through the diaprhgrm and 
is not considered the "open storefront" side of the building?
I had planned to tie this face into the existing long leg 
diaphragm and drag it into a wall at the first floor which I 
will convert to a shear wall with a new foundation , blocking 
and drag straps.
I am concerned that this is necessary or outside the scope of 
the retrofit ordinance.
For anyone in the Santa Monica area that may wish to see the 
building, it is located at 1523 6th Street - Colorado is the 
closest cross street.
Please let me know your thoughts.
BTW, the rear of the building is also an openfront (garages) 
which we will provide a steel frame.

Thank you
Dennis Wish PE