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Re: UBC: OMF connections

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Steve wrote:
> <Reference 1994 UBC section 2211.6.2, (or equivalent 1997 UBC section 2213.6.2)>
> Say you're designing the connections for an "Ordinary-Moment-Frame" in a one
> or two story metal building (like a pre-engineered building) and the *wind*
> loads control over the seismic loads.  Would you still design the connection
> to be "capable of resisting a combination of gravity loads and 3 (Rw/8)
> times the design **seismic** loads" in accordance with '94 UBC sect. 2211.6.2 ?
>    Thanks.
>                 Steve Gregg, PE
>                 Walla Walla, WA

I would design the connection for the worst of all cases whether it is
seismic or wind, unless you can assure that earthquake will not happen.

Tom Chiu, SE
Walnut, California