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RE: Strange But True

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If this is infact so, I might just sit back and wait. Our 
discussions on SE/CE will be a moot point and I can start 
designing hospitals, schools and forty story structures 
throughout California. I may even be allowed to advertise in the 
SE section of my local phone book.
Seriously, this is very disturbing. Like Bill Allens Comments, I 
am a bit burned out with volunteer work. In addition to my work 
with SEAOC I am involved with two low income residential 
construction projects - Building Horizons (the Boys and Girls 
Club of America) where we teach high school students to be our 
future contractors, architects and engineers. AND the Coachella 
Valley Housing Coalition with is federally funded and brings low 
income homes (steel stud) to our area where the owners put sweat 
equity into it. We have a group from Americorp (all young women 
- what I wouldn't give to be young again) who are camped out 
here to build 40 homes).
Needless to say I need to devote a little more time to billable 
hours so I can stay in the lower middle class range.
Possibly someone other than Bill and I can forward our opinions 
to the appropriate people. Like I mentioned previously, all it 
takes is finding the email address for these people and adding a 
forward to the posts to send them a thread of our conversations. 
It may do no good, but at least our opinions will have been 

> Dennis:
> All but the first paragraph of my post on this subject was an
> article
> taken directly from the October issue of the CELSOC
> (Consulting
> Engineers and Land Surveyors of California) newsletter.  I did
> not edit
> the original text of the article in any way.  If you would 
> to
> review the original newletter as a PDF file, you can find it
> at:
> Go read the article again.  This has nothing to do with
> "Licensed" vs.
> "Registered".  Instead, it deals with the legalization of
> building
> design by individuals who are not Professional Engineers.  In
> fact, no
> engineering education or experience of any kind would be
> required.  This
> gets my blood pressure up, and I don't make my living in
> California.  If
> you and your peers wish to retain your professional stature,
> and if
> Governor Wilson hasn't signed the bill into law yet, perhaps 
> "Million
> Engineer March" to Sacramento is in order!  You and Bill Allen
> can lead
> the parade.
> Hope this helps....
> Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
> "from Texas, the land of tight laws and...."
> >
> >