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RE: Strange but True (SB 828)

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>From: 	Nigel Mends, PE[SMTP:nmends(--nospam--at)]
>Sent: 	Friday, October 31, 1997 2:45 PM
>To: 	seaoc(--nospam--at)
>Subject: 	Re: Strange but True (SB 828)
>Caldwell, Stan wrote:

> I have forwarded Stan Caldwell's posting on to Sen. Greene's staffer
>Just so y'all know, I passed the posting on to Ken Walch, current president
>NSPE and to the officers of all the state chapters in the Western Region of

Dear Nigel:

I'm glad to see that at least one other engineer is willing to admit
concern over professional issues.  Perhaps what we have in common is
that neither of us practices in California.  Or maybe we're just the
only ones with a pulse.  When Bill Allen admits to apathy, it's time to
move on to more exciting topics ... like nails in party walls.  

However, being a bit of a troublemaker, I have taken the liberty of
forwarding Charles Greenlaw's post to CELSOC for their reaction.  If
they don't get riled up, then the profession truly is in danger.

Now I'm going to go home and figure out how I scare the beegeebers (sp?)
out of the first trick or treater who dares to knock on my door.  Most
of them get bused in from several miles away, so it's not exactly a
>neighborhood event any more {;^<

Best Regards,

Stan Caldwell (aka, Chicken Little)