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Re: Strange but True (SB 828)

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Bill Allen wrote:

> I agree that the public's interest and the PROFESSIONAL's interest should be
> and, I believe, are the same. Let's look at another example though where
> this may appear to be true but actually not.
> Socialized medicine.
> Say our "wonderful" government (i.e., Her Highness, Hillary) decides
> socialized medicine would be in the best interest of the general public. She
> mandates that every one shall be enrolled in a medical program, whether they
> can afford it or not. Our taxes go up to pay for this program (of course
> because they _never_ go down). All of a sudden, there is a shortage of
> doctors. To compensate for this, either the medical schools have to drop
> their standards to let more students in and to graduate or this wondrous
> program is modified so that non-MDs are allowed to perform certain
> procedures that are here-to-for reserved for the MDs.

Only partially relevant, I know, but the Washington Post reported earlier this
year (can't find the damned magazine it was in now, but I think the WP report
was in August) that Congress has passed, and Billary signed, legislation that
now pays medical schools around the country to educate fewer doctors, in a
program that emulates the now-discredited program of paying farmers not to plow
their fields.