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RE: Strange but True (S

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This is in response to Chuck Greenlaw's response to Robert McGhie.

I have observed that the more innocuous legislation is, the more dangerous it 

A number of years ago, a member of the Arizona legislature, a registered EE, 
introduced and had passed a simple, innocuous bit of legislation that simply 
said,  "Not withstanding other provisions of the law, price shall be a 
consideration in selecting professional services."  (This is from memory, 
and should not be considered as an exact quote, but it is pretty close.)  The 
"other provisions" of the law exempted professional services from 
the competitive bidding requirements of the state statutes.  

As soon as this became law, the attorney general issued an opinion that state 
agencies *must* solicit competitive bids for professional services, 
including *legal* services.  The fact that "price" *always* was a 
consideration by state agencies made no difference.  There was never a "blank 
check" contract by any state agency that I am aware of.  In negotiating a fee 
with a professional, if the agency felt that the proposed fee was too high, 
negotiations would terminate and new negotiations would begin with another 
qualified professional.

Because this legislation was so innocuous, it was not opposed by any 
professional association; once it became law, it was too late to oppose it.

I just wonder when SB 828's provisions will be extended to industrial 
corporations like pre-fabricated truss manufacturers, metal building 
manufacturers, etc.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

P.S.  To Stan Caldwell:  I saw the article in a magazine and was sitting back 
waiting to see how long it would be before a CA engineer would bring it up on 
the listservice.