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Boy are you guys rookies.

I started with version 1.1 (or was it 1.2?) in 1983, then 1.6, then 2.0,
2.5, 3.0 then it jumped to 9.0, 10,11,12 and now 14.   ( I don't
remember 5.0?)  At that time, I was the only SE I knew and there were no
architects I knew that used autocad.  I was also the first to try and
process CAD drawings thru DSA in SF.  They were pretty paranoid about
the possibility of pen skips or that I would change the plans without
them knowing it.

I was a pioneer at the time and had to develop my own standards which I
still used today.  Granted, it is backwards in just about every way to
any of the standards of today, but it is quick, efficient, economical
and simple.  The standards I see to day seem needlessly cumbersome.
Everything has a layer.  The first thing I do when I get a .dwg from a
client is get rid of all the useless garbage in their drawings and
convert it to my system.

Also at that time, we only had single pen plotters so we had to use
"traces" to make wide lines.  Now we use "plines" and still use the
setup as though it was a single pen plotter.  Much easier than trying to
assign pens to various layers.  I only use the multiple pens when doing

For my needs, I like my system and don't plan to change to anyone else's
system unless they are paying big bucks!


Roger Turk wrote:

> Bill Allen said:
> . > I didn't know that Acad had a release 5.0. I thought they
> . > went from version 2.5 something to version 9.
> You are right, Bill.  I started with 2.5 (that's where the 5 came
> in!).  That
> version had a dongle on the parallel printer port that got AutoCad
> users up
> in arms, so AutoCad replaced (at no cost) domestic versions of that
> release
> with version 2.51, then version 2.6, then Release 9.  (If I hadn't
> been lazy,
> I would have pulled the AutoCad Reference Manual from my shelf and
> looked in
> the "Revision History," Appendix D, before I sent that last message.)
> A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
> Tucson, Arizona