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Corrosion in Water Reservoirs

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I have a water reservoir in the basement of an RC house. The cover of
the reservoir is part of the concrete floor.

The question is: do I need to waterproof the bottom of the slab (cover
reservoir) to protect my reinforcement ?

I have used a concrete cover of 3cm (1.25") in the slab because I didn't
want to increase the slab thickness.

I'm asking this question because I have read that carbonation of
concrete - thus weakening of the concrete cover ability to protect the
reinforcement from corrosion - is highest when relative humidity is
around 70% and temperature is around 25°C (80°F). Since the relative
humidity in the reservoir will always be 100%, I'm not sure if this
leads to high carbonation rate or not.

Thanks in advance,
Moni Serhal, MSCE