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INS - E&O Recommendation

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To Bill Allen:

ASCE's policy is **very** inexpensive, but get a sample policy first and 
**read** it! (The same recommendation goes for any insurance policy.)  The 
ASCE policy does not kick in until *you* have expended the deductible in 
defending yourself, *then*, they will look at the claim and decide whether to 
take over the defense.

The policy is unclear whether it will cover *structurals* for the same fee 
that it is advertising.

Incidently, from a new CNA brochure, (7/97) it says:

"_Never alter, destroy or dispose of the original records._  Any alteration 
of existing records will either be obvious or subject to detection by experts 
in document analysis.  Changes might be viewed by a jury as an admission that 
there is something to hide or cover up."

This statement appears to be a change in policy regarding the destruction 
of records, something that I have long felt should not be done.  I believe 
that any engineer that does the best that he/she can would be able to show 
that there was no negligence based on original drawings/calculations.  If 
records are destroyed, all that exists are words.

Are you sure that your policy limits are *per year* or aggregate?

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona